Camilla Calvert

Global Creative Solutions Manager , Hearst Global Solutions

As a leading global marketer with almost a decade of experience under her belt, Camilla Calvert has helped drive growth for clients across industries such as advertising, music, finance, luxury and lifestyle at an array of leading publishers, including her most recent role at Hearst. Camilla's expertise are best showcased when curating international co-branded content-led campaigns that deliver commerce with strategic planning, and a focus on creative innovation. Further to this, Camilla is a cultural influencer both internally and externally for Hearst. She is an active leader of the Hearst Heritage internal network and externally devotes time to various DE&I groups: Bloom, BEAM - that aim to create a culture of inclusion in the industry. Most recently Camilla was selected as one of Campaign's 30 under 30 for 2020, a nod to her career successes thus far.